Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing is the initial step of supply chain management, and we at Dhruvus LLC are well-experienced in outsourcing the quality resources from the right company based on the requirements of our clients. We investigate and outsource our resources from Latin America, US and SE Asia to reduce the overall cost and supply high-quality defect-free products to our clients.

We have a team of project engineers and dedicated sourcing managers to evaluate and audit the right resources from well-reputed suppliers to produce reliable and revenue-generating products for our clients ultimately.

What you get

Finding the Right Suppliers

We have an adept team of project engineers and global sourcing agents to thoroughly audit the quality, price, reputation and delivery time from the supplier’s end and choose the right one based on the demands of the customers.

Global Sourcing

We have dedicated team members in each of our global outsourcing locations to personally monitor and audit the products that are needed for our current projects.


Leave us the burden of finding the right suppliers for your project at a reasonable price range which ultimately decreases the overall cost of the entire process.


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