About Our Company

We are a prominent end-to-end supply chain company managing and diligently monitoring all the aspects of sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, quality compliance, and inventory management. We help our clients to enhance their business and improve their revenue by providing them with reliable custom-made solutions.

Dhruvus LLC is headquartered in Allen, TX, and we are an amalgamation of individuals, resources, manufacturers and technology who are working together to provide quality end-products to several industries. From sourcing resources to performing audits to shipping of the products, we meticulously take care of everything. We strive to build a better and organized future of supply-chain management.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to assist and help our customers with component sourcing and supply chain management challenges and enable customers to acquire a great ROI value for their business. We want to implement a consistent and reliable supply of quality custom-made and cost-effective products, and we also want to provide 100% transparency for our clients, partners and stakeholders, ensuring ethical business practices.”

Our Vision

We strive to build a reliable and smart supply chain management company by combining the art of manufacturing and technology by

  • ● Introducing technologies like cloud computing and web solutions to maintain and monitor the process efficiently.
  • ● By taking linear steps to provide clarity in management and ensure on-time delivery of the end-products.


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